Monday, December 7, 2015

California International Marathon 2015

photo credit: Ron Little
CIM Marathon
Sacramento, CA
Mileage 26.2
Time 2:35:44
Pace 5:56
Place 59th

Five months in the making, this marathon would prove to be a true test of my fitness. Not often do I get nervous before an event like this, its more a matter of how well I can execute my race strategy. Something about the morning leading up to the start felt different. The threat of rain, high humidity and some of my pre-race routines were a bit off, leaving me with a peculiar feeling. It may have been that or the challenge I set forth over the next 26.2 miles.

My target pace was going to be in the mid 5:50s and I nailed it! Honestly, the first 20 miles went better than I thought, averaging 5:51 through the halfway point and 5:52 through 20. The only reason I slowed during the last couple miles was due to some cramping in the hamstrings and calves due to over-striding I believe.

photo credit: Pete Weldy
CIM is one of the largest, most competitive marathons that is way off the radar for most runners. The course bodes well for those trying to land a personal best, Boston qualifier or for some an Olympic Trials qualifier. Since the trials are in February, this was a last ditch effort to hit a target time. So the nature of this race built up more hype and a greater sense of urgency, which added to the excitement!

I had such a great weekend exploring Sacramento, hanging out with friends, and talking all things running. I want to thank everyone involved with CIM and say what a great event they hosted. Another big thank you goes out to my friends and family for their support and encouragement leading up to and after the race. You guys are awesome!

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