Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kiss Me I'm Irish 8K

Kiss Me I'm Irish 8K
Westgate Center
Glendale, Arizona
Mileage - 5
Time - 27:22
Pace - 5:30
Place - 2nd Overall

I was supposed to be in Boston this weekend and had every intention of running a St. Patty's Day race in the city. Plans changed and I found myself out in Glendale Saturday morning for a nice alternative. They offered a few options in distance from 1 to 17k, I chose the 8k and decided to make a nice tempo run out of it.

My plan was to run 5:30 pace and see what happened. Ronnie Buchanan (overall winner), and I ran the entire race together and managed to lock in that pace with a negative second half split. Around mile two I made a comment about the effort feeling pretty good, which it did until the last 1-2k. My legs are turning over great, yet something isn't quite right internally. Possibly allergies or a lingering respiratory issue, I'm just not certain. Whatever it is, my lungs aren't able to supply my working muscles with oxygen and once again I was out-kicked at the finish.

There were quite a few issues at this event, especially with the course, so its a good thing I didn't take it seriously. It was fun, and I met some great people. Perhaps some new running partners.

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