Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lost Dutchman 10K - 2015

Lost Dutchman Marathon, Half & 10K

Prospector Park
Apache Junction, AZ
Mileage - 6.2
Time - 34:30
Pace - 5:34
Place - 1st Overall

All I remember about the 2012 Lost Dutchman marathon was grinding out the last few miles of rolling hills. Yet I was excited to run the 10K, which is ironic because it covers the last 3.1 miles of the marathon in an out-and-back style. Why would I put myself through that again? Oh how time forgets. Looking back, the reason I had such a hard time at that time was lack of preparation. Too little base mileage.

These days I am much more dialed in, focused and relaxed while racing. So much so that I was within 2 seconds of my target time. My experience with this event has definitely turned around for the better, not just because I took home the win, because the course is actually fun if you make a mental game out of running those ups and downs. Not only that, staring down the road at the Superstition Mountains has to be one of the best views of any race in the country. Prospector Park is gorgeous and the perfect place for a mid-sized running event.  Thanks for a great race Lost Dutchman Marathon!

Prospector Park, looking East at the Superstitions

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