Monday, December 15, 2014

Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon 2014

Runners Den Fiesta Bowl Half
Scottsdale, Arizona
Mileage - 13.1
Time - 1:14:22
Pace - 5:40
Place - 7th

A signature race that's been around for years, the Fiesta Bowl half is a valley favorite touring downtown Scottsdale. This would be my first shot at the course. It paired nicely with my training schedule, landing on the last day of the last week of my base phase. This gave me an opportunity to test out my fitness without going into the red. I admit, I was really curious after not racing since July and being injured in August.

A solid group of local guys packed the front line and a few moments after I made my to the start we were off. I purposefully ran at a conservative pace the first two miles (5:50, 5:48) in order to set a nice pace later on. It worked out great. I ran on and off with a few guys until mile 8 and then it was me all by my lonesome to the finish. My biggest accomplishment this day was not the overall place or time, it was having the ability to pace myself accurately, even in the later stages of the race.

A big shout out to Runner's Den for an excellent event with nice age group prizes and plenty of runner refreshments post race. 

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