Friday, November 14, 2014

Flatirons 1&2

Flatirons 1&2 Hike
Boulder Mountain Park
Boulder, Colorado
Mileage 2.9
Time- 49 mins
AEG 1,422 ft

I had plans to travel to Boulder for the Lydiard Coaching Certification starting Friday night at 6:00pm, so spending my afternoon in the mountains sounded like a great idea. More specifically, Boulder Mountain Park.  Hidden within a picturesque backdrop of the city lies a vast network of trails just waiting to be explored. I couldn't wait to get moving. At the parking area in Chautauqua Park is a small visitors center where I obtained a map and some advice from the girl working there.

I set out on the Bluebell trail where I would pick up the Chautauqua trail, which leads to a set of switchbacks up to the first Flatiron. This section is where the view starts getting good. Occasional openings in the tree cover gives way to views of Boulder and the Eastern plains. Once you reach the saddle between 1 and 2, you're able to peek over the front range and see the continental divide further West. A fresh dusting of snow on the peaks made for a nice backdrop behind the rocky foothills. After topping out on the flatirons I dropped down to the Mesa trail and traveled a few more miles before returning to Chautauqua. It was a very pleasant afternoon on the trails and got my weekend off to a great start.

Go see it for yourself!


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