Monday, April 14, 2014

Crystal Springs Trail - Huddart Park

Huddart Park
Woodside, CA
Mileage - 10.2
Time - 1:49
AEG - 1995ft

In an attempt to complete the entire Crystal Springs Regional trail from end to end, I set out today to cover the southernmost segment leading into Huddart Park.  From the parking area off of Canada road, just west of the 280 freeway, I began my journey into the unknown.  Okay, that was a little dramatic, but it was all new territory.  I enjoyed a nice, level mile long warm up before taking a right turn and heading uphill abruptly into the forest.  This next mile basically followed a horse trail through a neighborhood of upscale homes and ranches interspersed among the trees until I reached the park boundary.  Then the fun began.

The Crystal Springs trail continues into Huddart, though it's no longer part of the 15-mile regional trail system.  Deeper into the forest I went, running a counter clockwise loop that would eventually connect to the Dean trail and bring me back to where I started five miles later.  How did I know where I was going?  Remember that website from the San Mateo County Parks?  That's how.  Back to the run.  Imagine flying in between giant redwoods like a scene out of the Return of the Jedi, that's how I felt cruising the downhill sections.  The uphill portions were gentle and I ran most of those too.  All around, great run and one of those that you're sad to see end.  

A view from the trail head near Canada Road

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