Sunday, March 16, 2014

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail
HMB to El Granada, CA
Mileage -14.0
Time 1:40
AEG - 684

When it comes to variety, this trail has it all (except hills).  Well, if you extend the route beyond the 2.6-mile coastal trail and go all the way from Half Moon Bay State Park to Pillar Point in El Granada, it certainly does.  From the campground on the coast the trail goes North through some moderately populated beachfront access areas, past the dunes, boardwalks, marinas, marshes and eventually dead ends on the beach at Pillar Point.  Yeah, there's a lot to see, which made those 14 miles feel like a 30 minute run.

The nice part for those running or riding, there are at least a half dozen water and/or bathroom stops along the way, and for me that meant cruising along hands free!  Today I was treated to cool temperatures and the excitement of 50-plus surfers on the water and double that number of spectators pointing and taking pictures. Myself included.  This run was a great finish to end the week of training as I dial everything in for the Oakland Marathon next Sunday.  Now let's see if that monster hill is as tough as it looks...


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