Sunday, January 19, 2014

PF Changs Rock 'n' Roll Arizona - 2014

PF Changs Rock'n'Roll Marathon
Phoenix to Tempe, Arizona
Mileage - 26.2
Time 2:38:08
AEG - 250ft
Pace - 6:02/mile
Place - 11th Overall

If I was going to drop my marathon time below 2:40, today had to be the day.  All the pieces fell into place leading up to Sunday morning and I pulled it off!  I had a great year of running in 2013 leaving me with a solid mileage base, especially during the previous three months.  No injuries, illness, or any other hang ups kept me from being prepared on race day, it was solely on me to make it happen.  That's always easier said than done.

Jon and I met in Tempe to leave my car near the finish and drive downtown Phoenix to park, since the course is point to point. We arrived around 6:30am to warm up and prepare before our 7:50am start time (above).  Today's forecast was perfect, never too hot or too cold, which made the morning prep quite pleasant. Once I found corral number one, I was surprised who I saw at the starting line and knew this was going to be a fast race.  I just kept rehearsing the game plan in my head, "don't worry what everyone else is doing, 6:00/miles will get you under 2:40."  Fortunately for me, there were a few other guys with the same idea in mind.  So we hung together until mile 23.  The five of us passed some, gained some, lost some, yet managed to hold a sub-6:00 pace through 23 until the little hills between 23-25 broke up the pack and we all paced ourselves to the finish.  I can certainly attest to higher weekly mileage volume as the sole reason I was able to run at that pace for that long, and it felt great nailing my goal time!

It was a solid day of PR's all around as Jon shed 17 minutes off his previous best to beat a goal time of 3:30 by 30 seconds!   Thanks to all those that came out to support the race including Brittney, Tyler, Danny, and Bob and Sara Silver.  Now it's time to get some rest and start lining up the calendar in 2014. 

Danny and I post race at Tempe Beach Park
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