Monday, November 4, 2013

Phoenix 10K - 2013

38th Annual 3TV Phoenix 10K
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage - 6.26
Time - 34:43
AEG - 10ft
Pace - 5:36
Place - 14th Overall

Exactly one year ago I ran this race coming off of injury and today I was looking to better my previous performance with a specific time in mind.  Following the Santa Rosa Marathon in August, I shifted gears and began an 8-week 10K training program hoping to land a personal best of thirty-three minutes.  As you can see, that didn't happen.  Here's how things played out.

The gun went off abruptly, and the stacked field launched forward in a sprint.  I was caught off guard a little and followed suit around the first turn.  A quick glance at my watch and we were running sub 5-minute pace.  I backed off and tried to settle in, though that first mile was fast and I felt it.  The next two went well as I inched my way forward to pass a couple guys and then a pack of four.  It seemed as though we were never going to reach the turnaround point and I became concerned about the second half.  After the break, those four guys got the better of me by mile 4 and I fell back.  My breathing was labored, chest felt tight, and began to experience a side stitch.  I fought to maintain pace and managed to finish strong without losing position. 

I can make up a bunch of excuses (late start, too hot, allergies, etc.), the real issue began in the first mile.  Too fast, too soon.  Once you get anaerobic and enter oxygen debt early in the race, the result is almost always the same: slower mile splits.  Besides, I dealt with most of those same issues last year, and I was out of shape!  It was somewhat of a relief to get this one over with and move onto marathon training.         

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