Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge to Coastal Trail

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
San Francisco, California
Mileage - 15
Time - 2:02
AEG - 1478ft

Would it be possible to top last week's unforgettable trail run through Canyon de Chelly?  Since we would be in the Bay area for Brittney's marathon, how about an American classic like the Golden Gate Bridge?  Starting from Crissy filed in San Francisco on Saturday, I ran through the crowds and dense fog to the base of the bridge.  At this point I could begin to see the tallest beams poking out of the clouds and the excitement continued to build as I drew closer.  Two miles quickly turned into three, and then four, and then I found myself sizing up a trail map indicating different distances to Rodeo Beach and various other trails. 

Why stop now I thought.  The air was cool, clean and I felt great so up the Coastal trail I went.  It was pretty subtle going uphill at first, and the surrounding scenery could have easily filled a calendar with photos.  I barely noticed how far or how high I had climbed, and figured I better turn around at some point in order to be back in time to pick the girls up at the expo.  I started my decent, eventually creating a giant loop back to the bridge through the Marin Headlands.  Sadly, this run would have to come to an end, so I really tried to enjoy the final few miles before returning to the car.  There was a drastic change in temperature and scenery within those two hours on my feet, making it feel as though I had completed two entirely different runs.  

A view of the bridge from Crissy Field at 9:00am (pre-run)

Almost the exact same view at 11:00am (post-run)

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