Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I-Did-A-Run 10K

Arizona Road Racers
I-Did-A-Run 10K, 5K
Reach 11 Sports Complex
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage - 6.2
Time - 36:44
Pace - 6:01/mile
Place - 2nd Overall

Throughout the year I like to organize "extra-curricular" activities for our fitness center members, which mainly consists of group hikes and running events.  I thought a nice 5 or 10K would help get people re-motivated to start running again after a long summer, so I sent out the invite.  The Arizona Road Racers host their annual I-Did-A-Run that is free to members and rather inexpensive to the general public.  The timing was good for me now that I feel recovered from the Santa Rosa marathon and decided to treat this more like a workout than a race.  My goal was to peg a 6:00/mile pace and see what happened.  Mission accomplished! 

After a conservative start, I settled in behind two guys for the first mile.  By mile 2 it was down to one.  Every time I closed in on the front runner I noticed my pace dropping too low (5:30-5:45/miles), so I backed off.  I liked having someone to pace with though, and probably could have taken the win with a bit more effort.  To be honest, it was nice to run a race and not have to work so hard. 

It was a day of 2's as Danny finished second overall in the 5k and Jon took second in his age group in the 10K.  Nice running guys!  (Pictured right - Jon, Boone, Daniel)

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