Monday, July 29, 2013

Flagstaff Extreme

Time once again for our annual team builder, and after last year's trip to Watson Lake I was given the go-ahead to plan our next outing.  The newly constructed Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course seemed like a no-brainer for us fitness professionals and the trash talk began weeks ago.  Who would finish?  Who was going to have a problem with heights?  And for some reason, we threw a pull up contest into the mix as well. 

So what does the course entail?  Here's the description listed on their site:

 "At Flagstaff Extreme we have four large circuits within our Adult courses, each containing a mixture of approximately 10-17 different obstacles. The obstacles range from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended “surprises”.  The skill level and height of each circuit is marked using a color coded system indicating the challenge based on elevation and difficulty. Check-in, safety briefing, demonstration course and all four Adult Course can be completed in approximately three hours." 

GREEN = Minimum Elevation/Minimum Skill
BLUE = Medium Elevation/Medium Skill
RED = Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill
BLACK = Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill

Our group rocked the course, and finished in under three hours.  It was physically taxing so everyone was ready for a late lunch at Pita Jungle in Flagstaff.  Luckily I didn't have to drive, allowing me to relax and enjoy the afternoon monsoon activity in the high country. 

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