Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sedona Run

West Sedona Road/Trail Run
Sedona, Arizona
Mileage - 16
Time - 2:00
AEG 890ft

After exploring a few options, I revisited the Bear Mountain Trailhead to begin today's long run.  The plan was to complete a 16-mile run and spend as much time off of the pavement as possible.  Brittney rode along for a few miles on a mountain bike that I borrowed and carried my handheld bottles.  After a few miles on FR 152, the surface became too rough and she could no longer keep up with my pace so I ran solo for a while.  I reached the Palatki ruins and turned around, heading back to the car.  When I arrived I grabbed another gel and water bottle and hit the trails with a little over seven miles to go to reach the hotel. 

From the Fay Canyon Trailhead (approximately 0.5 miles from Bear Canyon), I followed a network of new trails including Cockscomb, Dawa, OK, Arizona Cypress, Snake, and Girdner to reach Dry Creek Road leading down into town.  The moderate elevation change allowed me to maintain a steady pace throughout the entire run, though I really think a 7:33/mile pace was a little faster than I should have been running. I'm not going to lie, those 16 miles felt pretty labored.  The important thing was spending more time on my feet than I have in the previous three months, and what better way to do that than a run in red rock country!

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