Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Verde River Runoff

Verde River Runoff Canoe Race
Camp Verde, Arizona
Mileage 10.15
Time - 2:05

I've taken a break from running high miles on the weekends after finishing the Phoenix Marathon, which opened up an opportunity to take part in such uniquely-Arizona events like the Verde River Runoff. 

The race was brought back to life by organizers from Camp Verde after the original 11-year Verde Canoe Challenge was dropped by Northern Arizona University after its final 2011 run.  Limited to 200 boaters, and split up into a number of divisions, Matt and I entered the men's competitive canoe race.  Starting at 10 a.m. on a chilly spring morning below White Bridge, Camp Verde, we took off winding our way through a stretch of the Verde that included several fast-water, narrow sections, quick turns (where we nearly capsized a couple times) and several strainers.  After 2 hours of hard paddling, Matt and I reached the finish! It was nice to rest my legs, yet still be outside for another adventure in the Southwest.

Check out the race website for more information at

Pre-race staging area at White Bridge

Paddling downstream and losing ground, fast.

Finally finished! - And taking first in our division!

(Photos courstesy of Matt Kalina)

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