Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mount Glenn - Arizona

Mount Glenn Hike
Dragoon Mountains
Sunsites, Arizona
Mileage - 6.2
Time - 5:15
AEG - 2,992ft

Mount Glenn is the highest point in the Dragoon Mountains and part of the Coronado 12 (A Coronado 12 peak is the highest mountain in each of the twelve divisions of the Coronado National Forest). Topping out at 7,550ft, Mount Glenn has almost 3,000ft of prominence and is tied for 29th on the Arizona prominent peak list. 

On paper I knew this hike was going to be tough. Having nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain in a matter of 6 miles meant we had our work cut out for us today.  Combine that with a rocky, off-trail route (filled with cacti, thorns, thick brush, loose rocks) that was completely exposed to the Arizona sun and you have yourself quite the uphill battle!  It really does require some planning, a good map and a bit of route-finding skills to reach the peak.  Oh, and let's not forget determination.  It's no wonder why the last entry on the summit register was 3 months ago! 

Ben and I gutted this one out, traveling at a pace I couldn't force myself to walk on any other occasion if I tried.  It took us almost 3 hours to hike 3 miles uphill, and coming down didn't warrant any faster speeds either.  We couldn't actually determine what was worse; going up or coming back down.  We talked and laughed about why we put ourselves through some of these hikes.  The answer is hard to explain, and I recently told one of my clients (referring to working out) that it doesn't always have to be fun to be fun.  Even when things get tough, almost miserable, in that moment there's nowhere else I would rather be.   The views are usually pretty nice too!

Ben is obviously excited about his first trip to the Dragoons (above left)

We followed the NE ridgeline (seen here from right to the center highpoint).

The ridgeline leading to Mount Glenn

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