Sunday, February 3, 2013


Mileage - 26.2
AEG - 533ft
Time - 2:47:21
Pace - 6:23
Place - 2nd Overall
(1st Age)

Typically when I go into a race feeling ill, fatigued or coming off of injury I somehow put together a solid performance. On the contrary, when feeling good and ready to go, something just has to throw me off my game. The past few months have been very consistent when it comes to training, and for the first time in a long time I feel good. Needless to say, I was eager to run this weekend. Brittney drove myself and Danny out to Surprise, Arizona on Saturday morning for the Arizona Road Racers Desert Classic Marathon and Half Marathon.

Both races were underway at 7:00am on an absolutely beautiful morning in the desert. Danny and I ran with a small pack for the first 6.5 miles to their turn-a-round averaging a 6:12 pace. Then it was only Ricardo Maldonado and I up front until mile 10. The churning in my stomach forced a pit stop and I handed over the lead. Losing at least a minute I tried to close the gap between us, but he was running way too strong for that. I hit the halfway mark in 1:20 and started back uphill against the wind...and my stomach. By mile 17 I had to take another bathroom break and my momentum was gone. Dealing with that was tough, though just one of a few problems during the race. I dropped a gel that I needed dearly at mile 20, my electrolytes foamed up leaving it undrinkable, and an aid station miscue that contributed to running out of glycogen by mile 22. Once again my plan to negative split was foiled, and I didn't reach my goal time though the challenges always help to build character.

A big shout out to Danny for his 4th place finish in the half! All those Wednesday morning workouts are paying off. Ricardo, you're a machine. I've never seen a 49 year-old so fit in my entire life! Congrats on setting the state masters record for the marathon. Good luck at Boston my friend.


4:00am - Oat Bar (390 Cal)

5:30am - Starbucks Coffee Black

6:45am - GU Vanilla Bean (100 Cal)

7:00am - Race Start

8:00am - GU Vanilla Bean (100 Cal)

8:30am - 10oz Hammer Heed - (70 Cal)


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