Monday, December 10, 2012


Mileage - 26.2
AEG - 366ft
Time - 2:46:23
Pace - 6:22/mile
Place - 12th Overall
(3rd Age)

The Tucson Marathon claims to be a fast downhill marathon, one in which you can run your best time. Granted the race does have a big loss of elevation (nearly 2200ft start to finish), it fails to mention how many rolling hills and uphill sections exist on the course. What am I getting at here? I grossly underestimated this one! Goal time was a sub-2:40 and I finished 6 minutes slower than that. Not my fastest marathon none the less.

Let's backtrack for a second. At 7:00am I was off to a conservative start the first 6 miles through the rolling town of Oracle to put me on highway 77 a little behind pace. That is if I planned on going through the half marathon mark at 1:20. Miles 6-10 were much smoother. I made up some time and took the turn down Biosphere Road feeling good and sitting comfortable in 8th. Something happened in the next 3 miles because right after I passed the the start of the half (in 1:20) my stomach went South. Cramps slowed my pace, and it continued to slow down when I anticipated speeding up along the next big section of downhill. The first female passed me at mile 14 and another few runners pulled ahead by mile 16. I continued to struggle (and I mean struggle) to keep my pace under 7:00/miles in those final 10 miles. I can't quite put my finger on why. I had a good taper, my nutrition was dialed in the past two weeks, plenty of rest the previous 3 nights, and was well hydrated the day before and on race day. I just couldn't move any faster. So I cruised into the finish not knowing my time or current place, I was simply relieved to be done with the race.


4:30am - 20oz Spring Water
4:30am - Oat Bar (380 Calories)
6:00am - 10oz Spring Water

6:45am - GU Vanilla Gel (100 Calories)

Mile 8 - GU Roctane Gel (100 Calories)
Mile 1-15 Vitalyte Electrolyte Drink (80 Calories)
Mile 20 - GU Vanilla Gel (100 Calories)

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