Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

When I look back at 2012, all that comes to mind are the problems with my calf and hips.  Nothing major, just overuse injuries that once again prevented me from entering a few races and accomplishing my goal of 3,000 annual miles.  I think the reason they stand out in my mind is because it seemed as though they had a tendency to pop up right before I had something big planned.  Disappointment was an understatement, especially after spending months training for a specific event and having to watch from the sideline. 

Enough about the bad, let's take a look at the good.  After achieving two personal bests in both the marathon and 50K, Jamil and I ran all 70 miles of the newly completed Black Canyon Trail by the end of April. Once summer rolled around, I had a handful of "epic" trips scheduled for 2012.  Those included an overnight backpack to Havasupai Falls as well as a road trip to Zion National Park with Brittney in May.  Then came a summer vacation to Lake Tahoe in July followed by a successful summit of New Mexico's highpoint (Wheeler Peak) in Taos over Labor Day.  The month of September freed up enough time for a two-day hiking trek in the Grand Canyon NP that involved heavy mileage, cave exploration, and Ben's first taste of the canyon.  On Thanksgiving weekend I returned to one of my favorite places in Arizona; Chiricahua National Monument.  During Christmas break Bob and I reached the summit of Miller Peak, the highest southernmost point in the continental United States.  Not a bad year for hiking!

Along with hiking as many new trails as possible, I made a point to visit more places in Arizona like national monuments, ruins, restaurants and anything else unique to the state.  We also camped more often this year than ever before, and typically turned those into weekend getaways to escape the summer heat.  Once summer broke I was on a roll bagging peaks summiting 30 new ones this year alone!  Five of which were in the top ten on the Arizona prominence list (Mica Mountain, Miller Peak, Chiricahua Peak, Halalupai Peak, and Mount Baldy pictured above left).

Once I was able to run more consistently, it was back to road racing for the Phoenix 10K in November and Tucson Marathon in December.  Even though I only completed 5 races in 2012, the times were respectable for the amount of weeks I had to prepare.  I guess we will see what 2013 has in store...            

Here are a few notable stats from 2012

Total Miles - 2,501.39

Average Distance - 8.66

Longest Run - 48 miles

Longest Hike - 24.6 miles

Fastest Marathon - 2:45:46

Runs of 26.2 miles or longer - 9

Total Elevation Gain - 314,216 ft

Average Elevation Gain - 1,087 ft

Approximate Calories Burned - 300,000

Treks with over 5,000 ft AEG - 6

Treks with over 4,000 ft AEG - 13

Unique Trips (New Trails) - 132

Number of New Peaks Hiked - 30

Number of Prominent Peaks Hiked - 10

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