Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bear Mountain - Bear Sighting

Bear Mountain Trail
Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness
Sedona, Arizona
Mileage - 5.13
Time - 3:13
AEG - 2,273

Brittney and I drove to the Western end of Sedona to hike up the long awaited Bear Mountain.  I've had my eye on this trail for a couple years now after a co-worker of mine raved about it.  So we take off around 9:30am and approximately one half mile into our climb up the mountain we passed a solo hiker claiming to have seen a bear.  I genuinely believed him based on his behavior; excited and almost out of breath, even though he was going downhill.  He also said he took pictures.  I should have asked to see them.  At one mile, we passed an older couple claiming the same thing.  They said there was a black bear hanging out near the saddle.  That was all I needed to hear to get my heart racing and feet moving.

With an elevation gain of 2,000 feet in only 2.5 miles over rocky terrain, the climb to the summit is rough.  To be honest, I underestimated this one and Brittney paid the price. The direct sunlight made it rather uncomfortable and with the summit being exposed, we didn't take a break there at all.  I would recommend bringing plenty of water, supportive shoes or boots, and waiting until late fall or early spring to make the ascent.  The view is certainly the payoff here!  There is so much to see, it's almost overwhelming.

Bear Mountain Summit
A view of Red Rock-Secret Canyon Wilderness

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