Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tahoe or Bust

I made the decision to withdrawal from the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 a few days prior to the race due to another injury.  This time it was my calf that flared up around the 4th of July and didn't show any signs of improvement, even with two weeks off of running and a ton of rehab.  Frustrating is an understatement!  These overuse injuries seem to come at the worst time...but is there ever really a good time?

This didn't stop us from taking a 5-day trip out to Lake Tahoe for a summer get-a-way!  If I look on the bright side, it was way less painful hanging out by the pool than running 50 miles.  Well, now that my Saturday was free, lets get on with the vacation.  Brandon, Lindsey, Brittney and I flew out to Reno on Thursday and stayed with Lindsey's Dad for a couple days, which was great.  Thank you so much Bob (and Becky), you guys were incredibly generous!  We had a blast over the weekend kayaking, hiking, swimming in an alpine lake, riding bikes, trying new restaurants, and making an incredible dinner at home.  OK, so I really just watched and helped eat that one.

On Saturday around 11:00am we drove up to Spooner Lake State Park, the location of the race start and finish.  We hiked along the Tahoe Rim Trail in the opposite direction where runners would be finishing their final 5 miles.  No familiar faces until nearing the trailhead/aid station where the car was parked at Spooner Summit.  We heard someone say "Is that Boone and Brittney?"  It was Alex, another Phoenix runner on his way to a first place finish in the 50-mile.  Nice to see a local guy picking up the win!

There are millions of photographs of Tahoe, and the lake is as pristine as you would imagine.  In my opinion, there's no way a picture could ever do this place justice though.  Emerald blue waters surrounded by dense pine forests, crystal clear lakes and streams, massive granite rock formations and jagged snow-capped peaks make this place visually stunning.  I can't wait to go back!       

Hiking up past Eagle Falls with Emerald Bay in the distance.

Brandon and I taking a chilly plunge in Eagle Lake!

A 22 mile ride along the lake...before the thunderstorms rolled in.

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