Monday, June 18, 2012

Sycamore Canyon Rim Trail

The three hour drive to Williams, Arizona was a total bust as the Bill Williams trail was closed due to extreme fire danger.  Not all was lost, luckily I had a back up plan. There's a route near Parks, AZ bordering the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area that I've wanted to explore for the last year now, so I left Williams and headed south off of I-40 to find the trailhead. About 13 miles later I reached a small parking area for the Sycamore Canyon Rim trail (pictured right - Dow trailhead).  I laced up a new pair of Mizunos and started running counter-clockwise toward KA hill.  I really didn't know what to expect to see along this 11.5 mile loop, turns out it's an easy to follow trail with incredibly scenic canyon views.  Seeing only a handful of hikers and a few climbers at Sycamore Falls, this trail really gives you a true wilderness feel.  An hour and a half later I was back at the car, and ready to make my way to Flagstaff for an afternoon hike.  This weekend was all about covering new ground up North, so after lunch I decided to hike the Kachina trail.  It's a popular connector between Snowbowl road and the Weatherford trailhead, and thought of as one of the most scenic in the area.  That's a pretty bold statement, given the network of trails through the Kachina Peaks Wilderness.

You don't see this everyday on your morning run!

Pomeroy Tanks - Sycamore Canyon Rim Trail

Sycamore Falls - Sycamore Canyon Rim Trail

Kachina Trail - Flagstaff, Arizona

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