Monday, June 25, 2012

South Mountain for the Weekend

A large section of the Tonto National Forest near Payson, Arizona has been closed due to extreme fire danger effective Thursday, June 21st.  My annual visit to Fossil Springs was cancelled as well as a backup hike to Horton Spring.  So instead I stayed in the valley despite the heat and did a pair of runs at South Mountain Regional Park.  I went solo on Saturday for a 10-mile out-and-back run along the National trail.  Sunday I met up with Arrick for a 15-mile loop starting from the Holbert trail (2.5M) to the National trail (7.75M), and back on San Juan Road (4.75M).  We had an awesome run with virtually no breaks and a lot of climbing.  The best part about trail running in Phoenix during the summer is solitude, and we had plenty!  Nice catching up Arrick!

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