Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jacks Canyon

Jacks Canyon Trail Run/Hike
Munds Mountain Wilderness Area
Sedona, Arizona
Mileage - 12.75-13
Time - 3:45

Summer temperatures are on the rise in Phoenix, so getting out of the valley to recreate is a must.  Matt and I drove up to Sedona on Saturday morning to explore the less traveled Munds Mountain Wilderness with the intention of summiting Munds Mountain (pictured right).  The signage at the trailhead and route description we used was incorrect, leaving us a little puzzled as to where we were actually at on the trail.  After contemplating whether or not to continue on, Matt and I turned back after 6+ miles to see if there was a missed turn.  Turns out, we had a least another mile to travel before reaching the junction that leads to the summit, so the sign has the trail listed 1 mile shy.  This is a beautiful canyon with plenty of shade thanks to the pines and alligator junipers, and other than the deep sand and dirt on the trail from horse travel, it was a really nice hike.  On the car ride home we decided to return in order to reach the summit, possibly this fall.

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