Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend in Flagstaff

The weekend started off right with sushi on Friday at what may become our new favorite place (Masa in Gilbert, AZ).  I stayed in town this week for my long run, for the sake of saving time as Brittney and I were heading to Flagstaff for a little camping trip in the high country.  My plan this week was to run for 3 hours and try to log approximately 18 miles with a bit of elevation in preparation for the big race.  As far as running is concerned, I've been able to train consistently for the past 4 months and feel better than ever.  I'm definitely ready to put in a solid effort at my next ultra; the Zion 50M.  

Driving up to Flagstaff couldn't have gone better.  Perfect weather and very little traffic seemed to be the theme for the weekend.  OK, so waking up to a 30-degree morning wasn't perfect, but the daytime temps were very pleasant.  We spent the afternoon downtown walking around, shopping, eating, and of course I stopped for coffee!  Then it was back to our campsite and we went for a nice hike in the pines before settling in and making dinner over the fire.  Sunday morning was freezing.  Literally, it was below freezing when we woke up in the tent! Nothing a hot shower, oatmeal, and some coffee couldn't fix. We broke camp and drove North through Sunset Crater National Monument to the main attraction for the day; Wupatki National Monument.  According to the NPS website "For its time and place, there was no other pueblo like Wupatki. Less than 800 years ago, it was the tallest, largest, and perhaps the richest and most influential pueblo around. It was home to 85-100 people, and several thousand more lived within a day’s walk. And it was built in one of the lowest, warmest, and driest places on the Colorado Plateau."  Check out the pictures below.

San Francisco Peaks from Wupatki

Main pueblo at Wupatki

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