Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woodchute Mountain

Woodchute Mountain Trail #102
Woodchute Mountain Wilderness
Jerome, Arizona
Mileage - 20.5
Time - 3:16
AEG - 3,068ft

Since most of my "running friends" were at the Zane Grey 50 yesterday, I couldn't find anyone to join me for a run up Woodchute Mountain on Sunday morning, so I went alone.  No worries, I actually enjoy running solo from time to time.  I choose this route for a couple reasons, the first being temperature.  Phoenix hit a record high today at 105 degrees (it's still April), so I was in search of cooler weather.  Secondly, most of this run was above 7,000 feet in elevation, which is something I'll need to get accustomed to before summer when I start preparing for the race in Tahoe.  The main reason I drove 250 miles just to get in a long run is because Woodchute is on the Arizona prominence list (number 27), and I got to bag another peak!  Sweet!


  1. Its amazing and very spiritual an beautiful.

  2. Its amazing and very spiritual an beautiful.