Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sedona Snowstorm

A major winter storm rolled into Arizona late Saturday night bringing heavy amounts of rain that later turned into snow, blanketing the high country under several inches of fresh powder. By several inches I mean 6-12 in Sedona, and 24-36 in Flagstaff, which fell on Sunday alone. This certainly put a damper on our hiking plans for the day, although, having the opportunity to play in the snow was much more exciting! The weather made our trip quite memorable, especially for Brittney, as it was the first time she has ever seen snow fall from the sky.

We left town and took what I consider to be a more scenic route home on 89A through Cottonwood, AZ. Keeping up with my resolution from last year, which has been making the extra effort to visit more places throughout the state, we decided to stop at Tuzigoot National Monument. This is another site of ancient dwellings in the Verde Valley, and a very pretty area in itself, especially during a snow storm.