Saturday, January 28, 2012

Black Canyon Trail - Section 2

Black Canyon Trail Run
Black Canyon City, AZ
Mileage - 18.01
Time - 2:45
AEG - 1667ft

After running the first 20 miles of the Black Canyon Trail last weekend, we were left wanting more. What lied ahead? According to the maps, it appeared to be lower in elevation, yet bigger climbs and a few river crossings of the Aqua Fria. This time out, it was only myself and Jamil. James was going to join us on the bike until a flat tire changed those plans. Instead, he followed the trail by road and met us at at a few intersections along the way.

Once again, this BCT didn't disappoint. All day we were treated to some incredible mountain views, plenty of variety, and a very run-able trail through the desert. Although quite windy, the weather was really pleasant. It's hard to beat running in Arizona during the month of January when the clothing of choice is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We picked up where we left off last week at the Bumble Bee road crossing, and ran 18 miles to the Black Canyon City trailhead near Rock Springs Cafe. It won't be long before we have this entire trail complete. The next segment appears to be hilly as it climbs high above the river valley, although, it will eventually drop into the low desert and finish out relatively flat.

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