Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Canyon Trail - Section 1

Black Canyon Trail
Mayor, Arizona
Mileage - 20.31
Time - 2:55
Elevation Gain - 785ft
Elevation Loss - 2,398ft

One of my goals for 2012 is to run the entire Black Canyon Trail, all 79 miles of it, from North to South. The BCT is a newly completed trail system spanning from route 69 near Mayer, AZ all the way South to the Carefree Highway near Anthem. The trail parallels Interstate 17, adjacent to the Bradshaw Mountains. The challenge covering all this terrain is logistics. I had to figure out a way to efficiently cover as much ground as possible without back-tracking, so a car shuttle deemed necessary. On top of that, I needed people to run with who could cover this kind of mileage. Last weekend I proposed the idea to Jamil and he seemed very interested, and after a little planning, things came together beautifully this morning.

Nick joined us for the run, and James followed on his mountain bike, which was nice because we used him as a rolling aid station. Thanks James! I really didn't have high expectations about the trail itself, after today, my mind changed completely. The four of us ventured into what has to be the some of the best, and in certain areas, the most pristine singletrack in the state. Being that it's mostly downhill, those 20 miles flew by in what seemed like a matter of minutes! I cannot wait to discover what lies ahead in the next segment further South.

Running the high desert on the Black Canyon Trail

Descending into Antelope Creek with the Bradshaw Mountains in the distance.

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