Sunday, November 27, 2011

Groom Creek Loop

Groom Creek Trail #307 - Hike
Prescott National Forest
Prescott, Arizona
Mileage - 9.84
Time - 3:22
AEG - 1771ft

Today's trek wasn't so much about the hike itself, more so about reconnecting with friends and enjoying what we like to do best. That would be getting out on the trail for a little exercise, enjoying the scenery, and sharing a few good stories (and laughs) along the way. Brian, Anne, Duane and myself met in Phoenix in the morning, stopped for coffee and headed North towards Prescott to find the trailhead for Groom Creek.

This particular trail was new to everyone, so we had no expectations going into the day. It really turned out to be a nice hike, and with weather this good in Arizona, you really can't have a bad day. The summit offers an incredible view of Prescott and Grantie Mountain (below), and good signage makes travel through the forest relatively carefree. There is a neat collection of boulders to climb on near the trailhead, so be on the lookout within the first mile if heading in a clockwise direction. After a couple hours we were back at the car and drove into town for a late lunch at the Prescott Brewing Company. If you're in the area, go check this place out!

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