Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mount Lemmon Adventure

Catalina Highway
Mount Lemmon
Tucson, Arizona
Mileage - 18.5
Time - 2:45
AEG - 2,413ft

This state never ceases to amaze me, there's so much to be discovered, you just need to take the time and get out there. I could go on and on about how unique and diverse the Santa Catalina Mountains are; they really have a little bit of everything in terms of outdoor recreation.

After a fun night of camping with Brittney, Lindsey, and Brandon at the Spencer Canyon campground, I set out early Sunday morning to put in a few miles for my weekly long run. This one was a mixed bag of roads, dirt roads, and a little bit of trail in an attempt to explore the area. It's nice to familiarize yourself with a place you plan on re-visiting in the future. There are so many trails I have yet to run or hike, I just need to know where to start. As far as the run went, it was a little slow. Running above 8,000ft may have had something to do with that, or perhaps it was fatigue from the Mt Sac race on Friday. Either way, it's always nice to be up in the mountains for a run, especially during the fall when the apsens are changing color.