Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watson Lake 07/09/11

Watson Lake, another gem in the great state of Arizona, and here it took me three and a half years to find the place. Resting only a few miles from downtown Prescott, the lake features fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, camping and provides a great place for picnicking. The lake is about 380 surface acres and is distinguished by its sky blue calm waters surrounded by granite boulders with protruding vegetation.

The Fossil Springs trip was so much fun, I wanted to plan another summer outing and Watson Lake seemed like the perfect day trip. I arranged solo kayaks for the ten of us to tour the lake and explore the coves and rock formations surrounding the majority of the area. We were treated to an abundance of wildlife, including a handful of cormorants and a large soft shell turtle. After a couple hours on the water, we had lunch, hiked a few miles, and ended the day with a water balloon fight (compliments of yours truly). Everyone had a blast, and I look forward to returning to the area sometime soon. Check out Prescott Outdoors for kayak rentals.

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