Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fossil Springs 2011

Fossil Springs Day Hike/Swim
Fossil Springs Wilderness
Strawberry, Arizona
Mileage - 8.02
Time - 6:00
AEG 1391

Summer is quickly approaching here in the valley, so it just seemed like the right time to make the annual trip to Fossil Springs. I led a group of about 15 friends, co-workers, and fitness center members for a day hike on the Fossil Springs Trail to the main falls for a fun-filled day of swimming, climbing, cliff jumping, and a little exploration into the water caves.

There are only a handful of places I return to each year, and this is definitely number one on the list. It's hard to describe how beautiful this area is, the natural spring creates a tropical paradise in the middle of the mountains that you'll just have to see for yourself if you've never been. I really enjoy sharing the experience with all of those taking their first journey into such a truly unique wilderness area. To everyone that came along, thanks for making this such a memorable trip! See you next year...

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