Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mt Wrightson via Florida Canyon 05/22/11

Florida Canyon/Crest Trail - Hike
Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona
Mileage - 15.8
Time - 6:45
AEG - 5500ft

Mark, Katie, Bob and I were looking to do a decent hike, so we set out to conquer Mt Wrightson, which is the high point of the Santa Rita range (SE of Tucson) standing at 9453ft. We chose to do the more strenuous, less traveled route up Florida Canyon trail (4.7) to the Santa Rita trail (2.3) and then connect to the Summit trail (.9) from the Baldy Saddle. The trek was nearly 16 miles round trip gaining over 5500ft, and yes, we definitely had to earn every mile. It was tough, it was hot, but it was totally worth it. We finally finished in roughly 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Mark, Katie, and I agreed that this was the toughest hike we've done since Cactus to Clouds last October. Even though we struggled with the heat, elevation and exposure, the four of us had a blast today on one of Arizona's most challenging hikes. There is something special about Mt Wrightson (and Madera Canyon) that continues to bring me back year after year, and I love sharing the experience with others, expecially for their first time.

Boone, Bob, and Mark just getting started, with the jokes that is...

Crest trail, looking east from Mt Wrightson Summit Trail

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