Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ventana Canyon 02/21/11

Ventana Canyon Hike
Tucson, Arizona
Mileage - 12.8
Time - 5:28
AEG - 4000ft

After a restful weekend, and a nice visit with my parents, I was ready to hit the trail. Nothing better than having a Monday off of work, especially when the forecast improves drastically from the past few days. Matt and I decided a hike in Tucson would be our best option, since the high country had been hit with a major winter storm.

Today's hike of choice would take us through the incredibly scenic Ventana Canyon on our way to a rather unique rock formation, known as the Window. Only visible a few times during the ascent, the Window is a giant arch within a large granite outcropping overlooking the city of Tucson at 7,000 feet. The reason I love hiking this area so much is the diversity, the Pusch Ridge Wilderness begins in the Sonoran desert and quickly climbs through several biomes. Along the way we witnessed the changes, seeing everything from Saguaro Cactus to Poderosa Pines and just about every other desert plant life in between. The big payoff comes with the view from the summit, well worth the 4,000 feet of climbing in a 6.5 mile stretch.

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