Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tom's Thumb 08/08/10

Tom's Thumb Hike/Run
McDowell Sonoran Preserve
North Scottsdale, Arizona
Mileage 5.56
Time 2:15
AEG 2018ft

The Sunday night hikes continue, and they just keep getting better each weak. Matt, Robert, Katie and I headed over to the North access of Tom's Thumb and began our trek around 5:20pm. We ventured up to the thumb first, took a few pictures, then traveled over to and up the lookout trail. The evening sky and cloud cover provided ever-changing views of the mountain range that were quite spectacular. Descending down the mountain we caught a glimpse of a double rainbow amidst the glow of the setting sun. We finished the hike a little after 7:30pm, and as we were pulling away from the trailhead, Matt came to an abrupt stop on the dirt road. As Katie and I drew near we saw Matt and Robert jump out of their car and run towards the side of the road. At first I thought rattlesnake, when I heard the words "Gila Monster" I was like a kid on Christmas morning as I've been on a mission to see one since I moved out here. What a nice finish to a great hike.

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