Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunrise Peak 08/01/10

Sunrise Peak Trail Run
McDowell Sonoran Preserve
N. Scottsdale, Arizona
Mileage 4.74
Time 1:15
AEG 1270

Following last week's Camelback outing with Brett, I became really turned on to hiking in the evening. Typically I'm a morning person, although there's a different element exercising later in the day.

So I organized a group of 6 to hike/trail run Sunrise Peak at 6:00pm Sunday night. We met at 5:30pm to arrange a car shuttle, which would mean hiking up one side of the mountain and trail running down the other side to our cars. It turned out to be one of the nicest summer days I can remember (high 80's and cloudy), and everyone was thrilled to take advantage of it. Looks like the Sunday night hike may become a regular thing.

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