Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camelback Mountain 08/07/10

Camelback Mountain
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage 11.5
Time 2:09
AEG 2600+Ft

Hiking Camelback was a fallback plan, following an ordeal that I'll never forget. To sum it up, my day went as follows: Locked keys in car, stranded for three hours, caught a ride home, ended up in the hospital, locked out of the house, found a ride to get my car, hiked Camelback. If you really want the details, call me. It's really a funny

Originally, I set out to run up Mt. Ord until my plans drastically changed. So, I decided to hike/trail run up and over Camelback, then run back around the mountain on the road to my car. I did this not once, but twice to get in 10+miles. If I knew how few people hike the mountain on Saturday evening, I would be up there more often. Each time I reached the summit, it was completely quiet, not a single person...which is rare. The rain and cooler temps brought out some wildlife, including a few very large chuckwallas (pictured below). Very cool. This unusual monsoon season we are having has provided some of the most incredible sunsets and bizarre weather patterns to the valley. It's a nice break from the extreme heat.

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