Saturday, July 3, 2010

National Trail 07/03/10

National Trail Trail Run
South Mtn Regional Park
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage 18.2
Time 2:46
AEG 2500ft

Four am rolled around pretty quickly this morning, with daytime highs fore-casted near 110 degrees, there really isn't any other choice when you're looking to put some mileage in. Not much relief today as Tropical Storm Alex pushed some moisture our way (mostly Southern Arizona) raising the humidity to 20 percent, which makes the morning temps a bit higher (90 degrees at 5:00am).

I heard my friend Eric was looking for people to run roughly 20 miles with him on South Mountain, and let's just say there weren't many takers, just me. He is training for the Headlands 50, the same weekend I am running the Devil Mountain 50 two weeks from now, so we were looking to get in the same mileage. Not many people at the Pima Canyon trailhead at 5am, given the heat and holiday weekend, we didn't mind though. There's nothing better than having the trail to yourself as the sun rises over the mountains. I felt great despite the heat and after a few miles I cut loose and let the legs do their thing. Eric and I parted ways after 2 miles and I pushed hard up the National trail towards Telegraph pass. At the trail junction, I ran down the Telegraph trail to the trailhead to refill my bottles at the water fountain. I was 9 miles in at this point and the heat didn't seem to be a factor. I climbed back up nearly 1000ft to the National trail and headed back home. I knew my body was losing fluid faster than I could replace it, I didn't appear to be sweating and hadn't relieved myself the entire 3 hours I was out there. Great run though. Eric stayed out a little longer and ended up running 19 miles. Now it's time to begin my taper for the next race.

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