Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camelback Mountain 07/06/10

Camelback Mountain Hike/Run
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage 7.97
Time 1:11
AEG 1300ft

When you're short on time, it's nice to have the local mountain as a fall back for a quick workout. I parked at the Echo Canyon trailhead, hiked up Echo Canyon trail (1.25 miles in 20:08). Not my best ascent, last week it was 18:52 when the morning temps were 10 degrees hotter, which completely zapped my road mileage on a similar route. Considering the extra mileage I was adding on and the summer heat, I paced myself on the way up. Smart move, I felt untaxed by the time I hit the summit. I sped down the 1.5 miles on Cholla in about 16 minutes, and then it was all pavement from here on out. A bit of downhill on Invergordon allowed me to recover from the mountain and I ran the 5.21 miles back to my car averaging 6:45/miles. Road running seems effortless after all the hills and trail running. What feels like an 8:00/mile pace is actually 6:30-6:45/mile on the GPS.

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