Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Peaks 06/23/10

Two Peaks via Mormon Loop
South Mtn Regional Park
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage 7.78
Time 1:10
AEG 1593

This week's schedule has had some ups and downs, that's life I guess. Today was the first day back on the trail since Saturday, and it felt good to stretch the legs. I chose a route close to home since I had to go into work early. I started at the Pima Canyon trailhead, ran the rocky climb up Mormon Loop past Two Peaks, down to the 24th St trailhead and back again. The rocky terrain (typical of South Mountain) and somewhat steep climbs gave way to a much slower pace than normal (9:12/miles), although it seemed like I was traveling much faster. The heat is definitely becoming a factor as daytime temps are now near 110 degrees.

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