Monday, May 31, 2010

Sugar Is Still Sugar

Good marketing has led many people to believe some foods are healthy for us, using terms like "organic" or "all-natural" to describe all types of products, from crackers to cookies to cereals. Granted they may use organic ingredients, although one still must be careful about the type of food eaten. A cookie is still a cookie, regardless if it's organic or not. With that being said, sugar is still sugar, even if it is from the most natural source available. While most of us fear fat, carbohydrates, or even processed foods, sugar is more damaging to our health than just about anything else out there.

The problem with sugar is that it's completely void of any nutritional value (empty calories if you will), and contains no vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, or fiber. Sugar consumption creates an overly acidic condition in our bodies, calling on healthy cells to borrow vital nutrients (especially calcium) to metabolize these empty calories. When this unhealthy condition continues, degenerative diseases may begin to arise due to poor intestinal health, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease, gallstones, osteoporosis, and even depression.

Some of the worst foods are:

Soda - Fruit Juices - Energy Drinks - Cereals - Energy Bars - Smoothies

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