Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Ride & Hike 05/31/10

Camelback Mountain
Scottsdale, Arizona
Bike Mileage 9.5
Hike Mileage 3
AEG 1275

Matt, Robert, and I were looking for something fun and low key to do in town this year for Memorial Day, and he came up with a ride and hike to Camelback Mountain. I picked Robert up at 8:00am in Chandler, AZ and drove up to Matt's place in Old Town Scottsdale. We put our gear together and hit the road. Two miles into the ride Robert had a flat, he quickly replaced the tube and away we went. Wasn't much longer and the second tube went flat. Frustrated, Robert tried to repair it, didn't work. He just pushed the bike to the trailhead from there. Along the way, we stopped at a light, and a couple people were looking and pointing at what appeared to be puppies on the greenway near the bikepath. With a closer look, we realized there were 5 coyote pups, and the mother sitting on an embankment watching over them. Neat thing to see in the middle of the city. The hike was good, a little on the hot side though. After we got off the mountain, Matt and I cruised back to his house and jumped into my SUV to go pick Robert up on his bike. When we all returned to Matt's house, the pool was just too inviting to pass up, so the three us took a swim and hung out sharing hiking and trail racing stories.

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