Sunday, May 9, 2010

McDowell Mountain Super Loop 5/8/10

McDowell Mountain Trail Run
North Scottsdale, Arizona
Mileage 20.15
Time 3:10
AEG 4380

I set out early on Saturday morning to complete a giant, 20 mile figure eight loop in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which would take me on a challenging journey over Windgate Pass, up the backside of Tom's Thumb(pictured below), and eventually around Bell Pass returning to the Gateway Trailhead. The sky was overcast for most of the morning providing some relief from the sun on a near 100 degree day. Besides finishing, the highlight of today's run was getting to see a rather large diamondback rattlesnake stretched across the trail near the end of the Windgate trail. I think he was just as surprised to see me, as I was to see him. We quickly parted ways, and I headed for home.


  1. Boone,

    Hey good to see your exploits. I am an avid trail runner and wondered what your picks for the best trails in and around the Phoenix Metro area would be? I have spent alot of time on South Mountain but would like to try some other trails. It seems like you would know the best dirt around here. If you could pass on some of your secret places that would be awesome. I love the site, and your resume is pretty impressive. Good year this year. Good luck going into 2011, hope to see ya on the trails sometime.

  2. Thanks. The McDowell Mountains are worth the drive to North Scottsdale, mainly because the trails are so nice and the scenery is awesome. The best part is being able to run longer loops without backtracking. The trailheads also have detailed maps of the area.