Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hutch's Pool 05/29/10

Hutch's Pool via Sabino Canyon
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area
Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Tucson, Arizona
Mileage 8.83
Time 3:13
AEG 1000

Brian, Ann, Alissa, and I were looking for another place to hike and go swimming to start the Memorial Day weekend off right. We chose Hutch's Pool as our final destination, and a good one it was. In my opinion, Tucson has the best hiking in the state, especially Sabino Canyon, and that's a bold statement because Arizona has so much diversity. We barely caught a tram ride at the recreation area around 9:30am and started the hike on Sabino Trail #23 leading us up to Sabino Basin (above) and over towards the pools on the West Fork trail. Four miles later, we arrived. This is a fairly popular area, although we had the place to ourselves. After hiking in the hot sun, I had only one thing in mind when I reached the cliffs above the pools...and that was jump. Thirty feet later, I hit the water. I want to say it was refreshing, a better term would be freezing! What did I expect, the water is snow melt from Mt Lemmon. We didn't stay long for a few reasons, the water was cold, Ann fell and smashed her leg, and the place became crowded with other hikers. Great place to hike and camp, I have a feeling I'll be back later this summer.

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