Sunday, May 9, 2010

Granite Mountain Peak 5/9/10

Granite Mountain Peak (7626)
Granite Basin Recreation Area
Prescott, Arizona
Mileage 10.6
Time 4:59
AEG 2800

In 2009 I hiked with a few friends to the overlook of Granite Mountain and attempted to reach the summit, yet fell short without having an adequate map or directions to follow. This time around we were better prepared and determined to stand proudly on top of Prescott's most prominent peak. I organized a group of adventure seekers from my local hiking group(Ahote), to join me on this trek/climb to the peak at a height of 7,626ft. The first 4 miles are easy going, given there is actually a trail to follow, the latter half is another story. We were faced with heavy brush and massive boulders to climb and navigate our way through towards the top. After 3 hours we reached our goal and were treated to the incredible views of Granite Basin, the town of Prescott, and even Mt Humphreys. The return trip seemed rather easy and everyone was all smiles after tackling such a difficult, yet rewarding hike.


  1. Do you have any maps or route info?

    1. Yeah, this is the route I used from