Sunday, May 2, 2010

Camelback Mountain 10/24/09

Camelback Mountain (Echo Canyon)
Phoenix, Arizona
Mileage 2.5
AEG 1300

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to hike (who am I kidding), run to the summit of Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon. This is a local hot spot for tourists, and training grounds for the locals. The trail is incredibly steep and rocky, making uphill travel seem like you're doing thousands of lunges. I decided today would be the perfect day to push my limits and see how quickly I could reach the summit. A personal best, 18:08. Feeling pretty good, I had no reason to stop there and took off for the trail head bouncing from boulder to boulder until one wrong step turned my world upside down. Not literally, but almost. I came down hard and rolled my left ankle, ultimately spraining my ATFL. The pain nearly caused me to blackout, and I still had a half mile to go. I limped off the mountain and was in an unbelievable amount of pain. The injury put me out of commission for the next 6 weeks.

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